Hi! I’m Bec, owner and graphic designer here at EDB. I’m here to help you transform and propel your business forward with my dynamic, creative and practical design services. Let’s get to work and elevate your branding to the next level!

A bit more about me…

I’m a Canberra-based designer that specialises in business branding, from quality logos and marketing collateral, right through to product packaging and an almost limitless array of other print and digital design projects!

You can expect uncompromising quality, amazing value and a genuine interest in your business’ success when you chose to work with me. I have designed for almost 500 businesses over the past 11 years, from solo-entrepreneur start-ups right through to large global companies. I work with businesses from many different industries and sectors and I especially love helping start-ups and solo-entrepreneurs transform and propel their businesses forward.

Reach out and let’s chat about your branding needs!

And here’s my heart project…

In addition to my business design services, I have spent the past eight years also designing a range of home décor items and gifts with the core theme of including uplifting and inspirational quotes and messages.

I believe that our thoughts can affect our reality, so I set about to bring beautiful messages of empowerment, joy and hope into people’s lives through my artwork that they hang on their wall, or is printed on something else that they own. Each time they see or use that item, that message is reinforced and eventually becomes a part of who they are. And there’s beautiful power in that.

My hope is that my products uplift, empower and inspire people everywhere. Let’s make our world a better place!