Funny Foto Fundraiser!

Everley Design Boutique is so excited to be hosting a super FUNdraiser right here online! 

It’s time to sort through the latest, greatest and most infamous of your family’s funniest photos! 

We’re making a 2021 calendar and we want you to support our fundraiser for a chance to be featured in it!

Rebecca is the face behind Everley Design Boutique and she’s fundraising again for such a worthy cause. The funds from this competition will go directly to the Annabelle Potts Scholarship fund. This fund pays for super talented scientists to work on finding a cure for DIPG. 

Rebecca is dedicating this fundraiser to the memory of Annabelle Potts. You can read about Annabelle’s story and her family’s continued efforts to find a cure for DIPG over at Love for Annabelle | Facebook

The DIPG.org website tells us this:

Brain tumors are now the most common cancer and cause of cancer-related death in children less than 15 years of age. They are the most common solid tumor in children – accounting for approximately 25% of all childhood cancers. Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG) are the most common brainstem tumors in children, representing approximately 75-80% of all pediatric brainstem tumors.

So how can you support this fundraiser?

Find a funny photo and upload it for a donate-to-enter fee of $25!

This donation fee not only puts you in the running for a prestigious and highly coveted place in our fun and quirky calendar, but you also receive a compact edition of the calendar as a thank you gift! That’s right! Every single entrant is a winner!

There will also be the following prizes:

Each of the top 13 voted entrants who are featured in the calendar win a full size copy of the 2021 calendar!

And the top three voted entrants also receive a gift pack of various items you can love or gift this Christmas.

To win, you simply need to be amongst the top 13 highest voted entrants!


We’re using a donate-to-vote system to really boost our fundraising efforts and voting is only $5 per vote!

AND voters have a chance to receive a thank you gift too! Any voter that donates $25 or more in votes (in single or multiple voting sessions) receives a copy of our compact edition 2021 calendar!

Trust us, this calendar is going to be the hottest gift this Christmas!

Let’s snap to it everyone and get clicking, photo uploading and voting!

Voting closes midnight Sunday 13th December 2021. Winners announced the next day!

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Rebecca Turpie: "Saved from the Well"
Rebecca Turpie: "Saved from the Well"
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