After discussing the importance of kindness, and our desire to help spread more of it around, the ever lovely Kate from Their Little Footprint – Consignment and Boutique shared with me the idea of a RAOK card. So here they are!

These are FREE and will be distributed wherever possible! Kate will have them available in her store in Brisbane. I will have them available at my market stalls in Canberra. Or you can request to have some sent to you directly.

Let’s make this world a nicer place to be, one random act of kindness at a time!


Would you like to receive some kindness cards, so you can join the wave of change?
Simply fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon. The cards are completely FREE but I do ask that you cover the cost of postage, which is $1.50 (or $1.80 if paid by PayPal invoice).

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Would your business like to be a part of changing our world, one random act of kindness at a time?

Everley Design Boutique is seeking the assistance of businesses who are happy to distribute kindness cards from their shop, market stall or place of business.

If you’re able put the cards on display and/or be happy to have your page/website advertised as a distribution point for people to collect from, please contact us. Your personal information won’t be listed; just the information you would ordinarily put on your business card.


Are you interested in helping to make this movement possible?

Everley Design Boutique is hoping to order 5000 cards. It’s a big investment for one little business, which means I’m gratefully accepting pledges towards the printing costs of the next round. The target is $200 and Everley Design Boutiquewill be funding the difference.

I really wanted to make the cards completely free, but the huge interest in them means I simply can’t afford to meet the demand on my own. Thankfully there are others who share in my excitement and hope for the change these little cards can and will invoke, so I am gladly, and with gratitude in my heart, sharing the dream with those who want to be a part of this movement. The cards will always be free. They will never be sold. But that doesn’t mean I can’t accept financial help to make the cards a reality.

If you would like to pledge towards the next order of 5000 cards, please send an email to rebecca@lovecharmdesigns.com

Every person and business that pledges can choose to be listed as a contributor to making this a reality.