Mini Nation gets the EDB treatment

The team at Mini Nation have always had their finger of the pulse when it comes to the latest fashions and being on-trend. And they did not disappoint when they came across to me over three years ago with a super cute existing logo. The downside was that Jodie, the owner, only had a “social media quality” image file.

I set about to improve the logo quality through a process called vectorisation. I like the analogy of comparing a flower arrangement in real life to a photo of a flower arrangement. The ACTUAL bouquet can be rearranged and refined until it’s perfect. You have “full editing capabilities”. This is the same for vectors. Yet the photo cannot be easily rearranged or edited. It’s a static image with no “moving parts”. This was the only style of logo that Jodie had.

Mini Nation’s new logo looks the same, BUT it’s now a vector that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. I also provided Jodie with transparent background versions and watermarks of her logo, which she also didn’t previously have.

Next, we tackled Mini Nation’s entire collection of marketing collateral. I developed new styling and design elements for the brand and used those throughout the collection.

Jodie has been completely delighted with the work I have produced for her. Over our time together, we became very familiar with each other’s work style, which made the briefing and design processes efficient and seamless. Mini Nation now has a new owner, Emma and I can’t wait to design for her too!

When a business invests in my services, it helps them put their best branding foot forward. It’s immensely satisfying when I see my clients using my work in their businesses. On one hand, my little part in their business seems so small. After all, the owners are the ones who are pouring their hearts and lives into building their businesses. I’m only spending a number of hours working with them. But on the other hand, my work becomes their visual brand identity. And THAT is a huge privilege and honour.

The buzz I feel when I see my logos, marketing collateral or product packaging out in the real world is another an awesome bonus of being a graphic designer!

Shine on

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